About Fun2Mass

FUN2MASS is a live band. In every sense of the word. Always in touch with live sound but ready to experiment, they show an impressive ability to hold the stage, representing social polish and class with their glamorous gangster look combined with genuine modesty and natural musical talent.

The project started off back in 2004 with collaboration of Alexey Pushkarev, Alfred Avakov and Nikolay Serebryakov which resulted in producing and staging of “SLIVKI” original live show. Nowadays, the band successfully works with the most in-demand Russian pop-stars, such as Bogdan Titomir, Timaty, Soso Pavliashvili, Leonid Agutin, Angelika Varum, Valery Siutkin, Varvara, A-studio, A. Revva, Tuman and many more.

FUN2MASS produces quality acid jazz, funk and soul. On stage the band performs classic tunes courtesy of all-time heavyweights like Marvin Gaye, All Green, Roy Ayers, Commodores, Nikka Costa, George Benson, Linda Lyndell, Herbie Hancock as well as their own stuff.

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